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Holding Space Practice takes you on a journey toward balance, peace and resiliency. Once you complete this path, you with have a new foundation to build on!

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What now?

The 12-month Holding Space Practice begins in 2025.

Like climbing a mountain, it takes preparation, time, and work. You can never appreciate the view from the valley. We will guide you. You will see.

Ways you can prepare.

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Additional ideas.”

--Until you grapple with and understand your history, your mind is enslaved by the mind-tracks that were laid in your past history that don't take you to peaceful, happy places.

--Once you have done enough inner-child work, the last thing you experience is self-compassion and to see and love yourself as the Creator sees and loves you. At this point you can get out of your own way and spend your energy to help others on their journeys.

--Kim Meissinger

Over the course of two decades of searching, answers emerged...

...I learned how to hold space for myself, my family and others. Life is much smoother and happier...

Holding Space Practice helps you learn tools that you keep for the rest of your life!


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