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Wondering what people's experiences are like with the Holding Space Practice? Here you go!

Interaction with students and mentors

"One of the most helpful aspects of the Holding Space Practice has been the interaction with students and mentors... I am a changed person in profound ways... I am more supportive, understanding and patient in my relationships."


Douglas, Arizona, USA

Speeds Up the Healing Process

"I was introduced to the Holding Space Practice as I was going through a divorce. I was focusing on healing as fast as I could. The HSP tools and practices took it to the next 5 levels up... [it] made all the other therapies I was doing more effective."


Kansas City, Missouri, USA

I was Skeptical, but it Changed my Life

“It got to the point I knew I needed to have a change within me. I reached out to Carol and did the coursework. I'm glad that I did. It has made a significant impact in the way that I think; in the way that I now handle everyday situations. There's more peace, more ease, more inner serenity.

It is worth the time and effort! I have had huge shifts; huge changes in my life. Guys, it does work. I highly recommend that you pursue it. "

Dr. Bryon Blackwell D. C.

Daphne, Alabama, USA

Update from Bryon Blackwell D.C.

I need to give you an updated testimony. I’ve been in awe of the constant changes that I keep experiencing in my life from the work we did. I would not have guessed that the work I did with you was like planting a seed.

The work we did at the beginning was preparing the land and soil so it could help the seed germinate. Then, unbeknownst to me, but what should have been obvious, was if you leave that plant to grow, in a proper environment, that plant will grow by itself.

That is what I’ve been discovering in myself. I now am so sensitive to the spirit that I find myself crying on a multi day basis. I feel people’s hurt or love.

The work with you truly is changing my life even without me being consciously aware of it.

Anyone who is wanting to change their mental state, Carol's program is way undervalued and is one of the greatest investments you could make for yourself.

Dr. Bryon Blackwell D. C.



Understand Myself in Family Relationships

“Holding Space Practice helped me dive deep into my family relationships. I've had a lot of "ah-hah moments. There was a lot I didn't realize about myself. My husband was like, "I already knew that", but I had to come to that place for myself."


Blue Springs, Missouri, USA

LaNika Talks about Writing Prompts

"I love the writing prompts because... it makes you think. It makes you deep-dive into your mind. When you do, it's like learning a new piece of yourself.

The writing prompts are really, really good."


Independence, Missouri, USA

Paradigm-shifting Tool Empowers Me

“The Holding Space model has been a paradigm-shifting tool for my life. It helps me step aside from my anxieties and natural tendencies towards judgement of self and other, and instead empowers me to embrace what is. It re-centers me, and reminds me to connect from my heart to myself and others."


Lees Summit, Missouri, USA

More Calm Parent, Friend and Spouse

Holding space has had a particular impact on my parenting practice. When I allow myself to take care of me and apply the principles learned in the Holding Space Practice, I am a much more calm and accepting parent, friend and spouse."


Fairhope, Alabama, USA

Overcoming Struggles and Challenges

"When I began learning the Holding Space Practice I was in a very dark place in my life. The tools that I learned helped me overcome struggles and challenges and led me back into the light.

I have left them close to my bed to go through them again and again."


Houston, Texas, USA

Practical Yet Life-Changing

"One, out of the many, things I LOVE about the Holding Space Practice is how practical it is... If completed, the exercises are life changing, I speak from personal experience."

"Who is this practice for? EVERYONE!'



Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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Holding Space Practice would like to share your experience! Please contact [email protected] to send a video or written experience and photo for others to learn from you!

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