Starting a consistent yoga practice is so exciting!  But what should one expect? 

With Ashtanga Vinyas Yoga, the idea is to start with a little and then add more bit by bit.  It does not have to be very time-consuming, but it needs to be consistent (6 days a week is ideal, but 5 is OK.)

I visited my sister-in-law.  She was ready to start a consistent practice.  After I went home, she texted me each day to say “I did it”  to help her with accountability.  Some days she reported more. It has been instructive to have these daily reports.  It has given me a really good record of what a brand-new yoga practice might look like.

As others report their experiences in the comments, it will help many people normalize their own experience and see that while we are each unique, there are also commonalities.

Our first practice was at her house.  I had her focus on doing a consistent, rhythmic breath and not pausing between any pose.  I used a mantra set to music to help her focus on the rhythm.  Doing five Suyra Namaskar A’s and five suyra B’s is no small thing.

If you have not done the intro work yet you can go to this page of my website for description and resources.

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