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Holding Space Practice

for Silent Secret Sufferers

Are you looking for a nutrition and health practice that works for you? 

I am a researcher by nature.  When I was a child, way before the advent of the internet, I would go to the library and  checkout  “how-to” books instead of novels like my friends.   Modern "Google search" is a “natural” researcher’s dream (and nightmare) for finding the latest information.   

In my sincere desire to the do the best for me and my family, I have researched for years!  “Researched-based” nutrition must be the answer, right?  But the “research” has changed again and again. 

As I learned yoga I heard about “aryuveda”.  I heard people say it is the “sister science of yoga”.  

The Sanskrit word Aryuveda is actually two words:
So, it is “life knowledge” or “The Science of Life”. It is the medical science of ancient India.

The more I studied this ancient system, the more I saw how logical it is.  Though thousands of years old, it is just as relevant today.  Maybe even more so with the confusion that abounds.   

Three years ago, I came to that place in my life (again) where I was ready to buckle down and focus on my nutrition.  I felt like a nutrition yo-yo and wondered which voice to listen to. There are many contradictions:  “Eat only plant-based food”, “Eat high protein”, “Eat low-fat”, “Eat plenty of good fats”.

come enjoy!

Holiday Workshop
and Self-care Spa

Saturday, December 28, 2019

2:00-4:30 pm

(Optional dinner at Caffetteria at 5:00 pm)

Yoga Soul KC

7019 Oak St.

Kansas City, MO 64113  

(The NE corner of Gregory and Oak)

I delved more deeply into Aryuveda and found that it addresses many aspects of life. It teaches:

I decided once and for all to focus on this one system.

Many Aryuvedic principles are the same as what I had deduced from my past research, but some are different from what I had assumed was fact.  As I applied new principles, my body came into a level of balance I have never had.  

In my mid 50's, my body (and mind) is in better shape than it has ever been.  Ever.  In my whole life.  It took me so long to find the the right combination for me!

In our Holiday Workshop and Self-care Spa, I will share these principles.

I will teach you some simple Aryuveda hacks you can try.   With this introductory knowledge, you will have a basis to make intelligent decisions about your health and nutrition practices going forward.  

If you choose to, you can do a gentle Aryuveda-based detox diet with me after the New Year using Aryveda's super-food called kitchari.  (Think Rice-a-roni.  I know.  How could that be?  Come find out!) 

We will also do some self-massage, so don’t bother wearing make up.  (Bring it with you to apply afterward if you want.)

We will do some gentle yoga so wear stretchy, comfortable clothes. 

Aaaand... we have some fun extras:

 We will have a drawing for some cool stuff like: food from Caffetteria Modern Cafe and Marketplace, Unbakery and Juicery and a very special donation from the Eclectic Gallery next door. 
And more!

You will leave with a gift bag that includes a kitchari kit (a dish you can make at home), some massage oil and other surprises.

Sponsors for our Holiday Workshop and Self-care Spa

To make our time extra special, I have found some small businesses to partner with.  They are donating great stuff for you!  Some will be in a gift bag as you leave, others will be part of a drawing.  

Jo Marie, owner.

A few months ago I was introduced to a restaurant West of Yoga Soul on Mission and 71st.  I was enjoying yummy food with Kim and Amberlie, 2 fellow yoga teachers at YS.

Jo Marie came to our table to check on her customers.  I learned her story of opening Caffetteria.  She had a dream of creating real food for people like us!  She shops produce at local markets as much as possible. 

Caffetteria is donating toward our drawing and gift bags at our workshop!

We will have an area reserved for our group afterward if you want to extend your time with us!  (Feel free to have others meet us there.) 

With a little luck, Jo Marie will check on our group and maybe she will tell us her story. 

 Adorable shop next to Yoga Soul

Next door to Yoga Soul is one of the coolest places in KC (in my opinion anyway). 

It is a place where local artists display and sale their beautiful original work.

 Seriously, if you you have never been in there, you want to walk in and inhale the energy! 

It is a place to find a just-right gift for someone special. (Hello stocking stuffers and ornaments!) 

At 1:30, before our workshop, walk in and meet some of the people behind the art. 

The generous artists at Eclectics Gallery are donating an item valued at $150 for our drawing and everyone gets something from them in their gift bags!

Juice bar near Yoga Soul

634 E. 63RD ST. KCMO 64113

The Unbakery and Juicery is located in the East Brookside neighborhood in Kansas City, Missouri not far from Yoga Soul.  

They are a healthy 'grab and go' style restaurant in a 1960's A-Frame building originally built as a bank.

The old teller's window is now the drive-through window and the bank safe on the inside is used as the coffee bar. 

Dining at Unbakery feels like sitting in a small greenhouse with its windows and plants. 

Both the food and ambiance are so reviving!

We are grateful for Unbakery's donation toward our drawing!

Holding Space Practice

Holding Space Practice is growing and wants to help you to grow too!  

The new HSP courses "Growth Space" is under construction.  Growth Space will offer remote and on-demand classes and workshops for members who live all over the world.

If you wish you could attend the 2019 Holiday Workshop and Self-care Spa, but you can't make it in person, don't despair.  We will be videoing the workshop to add to HSP courses! 

Sign up for the wait list if you want to be notified when this workshop is available online.  

A copy of The HSP Manual and Workbook will be in our drawing.   

You can buy the HSP book and workbook on Amazon.

Get in on the Workshop and Self-care Spa
for only $55

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Registration closes December 27 


This would make a great gift for yourself and someone else! 

Registration is easy

Just send me your email and I will contact you with all the details you need.

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