Holding Space Retreat

    Ruinas de Copan, Honduras Feb 2021


    In January 2018 I went to Honduras. I had no idea what a healing place this would be.  I led a group in 2019. We will go again in 2021.  Come along!


    Reflection Celebration

    Annual Learning Journey Celebration


    based on the February 6, 2018 workshop is now available

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    If you have been working through the free on-line Holding Space Practice, or the Book and workbook you know the value of taking time to “BE” more.  Take advantage of this free Holding Space Practice opportunity whether this is the first time you've heard of the HSP, or if you are an "old-timer".  

    In-Person Interactive Workshops


    Holding Space Practices

    Local workshops include Holding Space Practice, Yoga and Ayurveda.  Such practices give you

    • Freedom to move
    • Freedom to feel calm even when things are not going your way
    • Freedom to develop healthy body, mind and relationships
    • Freedom to be exactly who you are and LOVE it

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