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Quarantine Yoga

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HSP Streaming Yoga

Read below for more information and session times.

(If you cannot fit the livestream time into your schedule, see below.)

Click the play button to view the stream. If the player above is blank or says "Error occurred" after you click, the stream may not be live yet. Reload the page after a few minutes and try again.

The world has changed (and is changing) before our very eyes.  It is at such a pace that it can feel hard to stay steady in our life.  There have been hours that I have felt swept away in the tidal waves of news reports.

A daily, steady, quiet practice brings me back to my still point.  As my mind quiets I find my center and my ground.  In the quiet there is an assurance that "this, too, shall pass". 

I have chosen 8am as my asana time.  Mondays and Thursdays I set up the livestream to help us share the energy. If 8 am is not your yoga time, I have accumulated a collection of past livestreams you can use.  Reach out to me if you need help finding those.  

The Schedule for Livestream Yoga

(Times listed are US Central Time zone)

Mondays 7:00-8:00 am CST

Community Mysore for Yogis that have a memorized practice.  I will get us started together, then everyone continues with their own practice. 

Thursdays 7:00-8:15 am CST

Primary Series.  Let me know what you are working on and I will gear the class for you needs

Scroll down for more details

The Price is Right.

We often use money (or the lack of it) as our go-to excuse for excluding ourselves from activities or resources that would help us.  This "not-enough-mindset" makes us shrink.  Trusting in " there is enough for what is important" brings growth and expansion.  Money is a tool to help us know what is important to us. 

Here is how I am handling this month:

My normal yoga class price is $20 per class.  

I am happy to take the amount that is right for you.  Suggested minimum donation is $11 per class, but pay what you can.  Even a few dollars shows appreciation and dedication to your practice.

 Choose to Pay

Preferred payment method is Venmo (Carol-Webster-KC)  

If you don't have a Venmo account yet, this is a good time to start one!   It is a great platform and easy to set-up at

  You will  use this for other purposes, I promise!  There are no fees with Venmo.  Credit cards, debit cards and Pay Pal charge the vendor a percentage of each sale,  so give yourself a 3-5% discount if you use Venmo with me.

Email me for help --->

or click below to pay by credit/debit card

I will consider adding one more morning class upon request. Reach out to me and ask.   


Private Yoga/energy Sessions Are $60 per hour session.  

Multi-session packages available upon request.

Email ( Or Text (816-213-2340)

Can't Practice at the time listed?

Recordings of some past livestream classes are available for people who have an Ashtanga Yoga practice.

To get access to the replays, go to this page. Keep track of the links sent to your email if you want to reuse those livestream replay classes.

For Absolute Beginners...

I have created a free course on Udemy for absolute yoga beginners. This is the basic of the basics. It also has modification for those with limited mobility.

Click here to go to the course.  

Beyond Beginner...

I have created a course on Udemy for Beyond Beginner Yoga. This is for students that  have memorized Sunsalute A, Sunsalute B and the basic closing poses.

Click here to go to the course.

Let's do this!

It can be hard to know when to check back.  Sign up here and I will let you know about updates.

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