Holding Space Practice offers online courses, workshops, books and consults to bring more calm, clarity and power to daily life.

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Create to Integrate

Science of Ayurveda


Holding Space and Children

Principle Based Learning

Holding Space in Marriage

Holding Space With and For Teens

Holding Space During Pregnancy through Toddler Stage

Holding Space in "Special Needs" Relationships

Are you like us and fascinated by the many angles of how to live with greater peace, joy and ease?

We are developing a variety of Specialty Courses to go deep on some of the most requested areas of Holding Space Practice. We have exciting plans in the works... Stay tuned!!

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Learn Holding Space Practice with the original printed books!

A complete guide to learning all 8 of the Holding Space Practice principles. Carol wrote this book to help fellow "secret, silent sufferers" find deep and permanent peace. It's based on principles she learned after more than 20 years of persistent searching for answers and help.

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The companion to the praised Holding Space Practice Book, this workbook contains over 100 pages of complementary materials. It's a convenient and helpful addition to learning Holding Space Practice principles and completing the exercises included in the main book.

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Developed as a labor of love, Carol shows how to deepen the 8 principles learned in Holding Space Practice with doodle art. As she says, "Creation leads to integration." This digital book is a fun way to integrate your learning and growth. Included are summaries and short exercises for each of the 8 principles.

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Holding Space Practice offers online courses, workshops, books and consults to bring more calm, clarity and power to daily life.