Printables with a Purpose

Remember.  Reinforce.  Rejuvenate.  Relay.

Why printables?

When I want to REMEMBER something, I write it down.  When I want to make it part of me, I doodle it.  This takes time and helps me process and REINFORCE it.  The creative process slows down my busy mind and REJUVENATES me.  When I RELAY it to others by sharing printables and coloring pages, the idea may take on a beautiful life of its own in someone else.

Greeting Card Collection

Coming soon!: downloads to make your own greeting cards.  Sign up to be on the email list to receive weekly Printable with Purpose.

Holding Space Collection

Coming soon!: The Holding Space Coloring Book and Prints


Bucket Blog Post Collection (link to blog)

Each thumbnail below is linked to a blog post where you can find a free Printable with a Purpose download of the image.

Doddle Love Collection

Coming Soon! : Free "Printable with a Purpose" coloring pages and colored prints of these images.

Born to Create Collection

Coming Soon! : Free "Printable with a Purpose" coloring pages of these images.  We are ALL born to create... so do SOMETHING creative!

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