Monthly Video Chats

Monthly Video Chats 2018

The Holding Space Practice can be applied and practiced in many ways. One way is to "get on the same page" with a book group. This year we will "meet" on the 4th Tuesday of the month from February-November 2018. We will be reading and discussing the book "How Yoga Works" but the book is not what you would imagine from the title.  There is not a single yoga pose taught!

When I was introduced to this novel a few years ago, it made me think and stretch mentally.  It explained things I had been looking for since high school. (Read more of that story here if you like.)

I want to read this again and this time discuss it with others who also find it interesting.  We won't take it very fast.  We will read about 40 pages a month (that's an average of 10 pages a week) of the 406 page book.

Find a copy of the book and we will meet on a Google Hangouts on each 4th Tuesday as listed below.

To join our Google Hangout group, email your gmail address to and type "add to Google Hangout group" in the subject line. 

There is a message function on Google Hangout.  Members can add questions, insights whatever seems applicable during the month in that message format.

Then, on the last Tuesday, we will spend an hour on a video call using Google Hangout to discuss what we have read for the month.

If you can't or don't want to read the book, but want to glean what you can from the chats, you are welcome to join us!

  • 4th Tuesday dates 2018-2019

    Date— material to cover

    Feb 27— Overview

    Mar 27— pages 1-43

    April 24 — pages 44-85

    May 22 — pages 86-123

    June 26 — pages 124-157

    July 24 — pages 158-205

    Aug 28 — pages 206-248

    Sept 25 — pages 249-282

    Oct 23 — pages 283-321

    Nov 27— pages 322-351

    Dec — no call, catch up on reading

    Jan 22, 2019 — pages 352-406

    Feb 26, 2019 — final thoughts


  • time 8:30-9:30 pm Central Time

  • log in to Google Hangouts and join the call

Monthly Summaries

Check here for brief summaries of each month's calls.

February 2018--- We had an overview.  We discussed the subtitle of the book and went over what the Yoga Sutra is.  You can look at this page to learn more about the Yoga Sutra. 
March 2018--- We started in on the first 40 pages of How Yoga Works.  Themes included motivation to practice asana (postures) daily, and to do so with integrity and balance.  This practice takes consistency over a long period of time to work its healing power.  We discussed "equanimity" which is a balance of emotion: don't get too discouraged if things don't go as you expect and don't get too excited when they do.  It is learning to notice preference but not give in to them.   Try not to favor the "easy" poses and grimace at the "hard" poses.  Approach each with equanimity.

April 2018---chapters 8-11.

Talking about a subtle part of our body system, the Yoga Sutras talk about the Sun Channel (to the right of the spine), the Moon Channel (to the left of the spine) and the Axis or Pole Star Channel in the middle  The other two channels wind around the Axis.  These images came up as I was thinking about healing symbols and how they relate to what is described:





May 2018-- chapters 12-19

We turn things in our mind and make what and who we see into what we believe it is.

quote from page 103: 

"I will make the inside of the jail outside the jail," I said softly.

The Captain leaned back then, with an unsure smile.

"You mean you will do your best to take all this in a positive light.  You will try to imagine, perhaps, that you are somewhere else, even as you sit in your cell."

I fixed a cold look on him, laced of steel, like Katrin's.

"That's not what I said at all, Captain,  I said that I will make the inside of the jail the outside of the jail ..."