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Not many years ago, I did not have the tools to steady my platform and organize my energy.  

I’m not gonna lie, it was long, hard work to figure out how to heal.  I searched and searched.  It was often discouraging.  

One day, after about ten years of work with health care professionals, I realized I had gone more than a month without dipping into depression.   That was huge!  

It was also a moment of realizing how hard it had been day- in and day-out to previously live with my mind in that state.  I thought it was normal to feel the way I did, until I didn’t feel that way so much anymore.  It was weird.  

I mourned those years of so much challenge and darkness.   

 And, I vowed at that time that I would dedicate my life’s work to help people to find their way out of the dark hole I had been stuck in for two and a half decades.  

Are you ready to have more energy and emotional stability?

The Holding Space Practice offers an organized, short-cut to health, well-being and reaching your potential!  The Holding Space Practice is a way to repair, build and expand your emotional platform.  It is a way to increase, unblock, and organize your container and your energy. 

The Price of Healing

I did not keep track of the money I spent on appointments and supplements over the years.

 One professional I worked with charged $45 per appointment plus whatever supplements I needed that usually ranged from $30-120 per visit.  I had appointments with him every week, and sometimes 2-3 x per week for over 3 years.  

Another person I went to later charges $80-120 per appointment.  I only went to her when things got really rough.  For the first few months, that was every week or two.   I got to a point of going about once every 4-6 weeks.  I worked with her for over 3 years.  

After ten years of treatments I began yoga with teachers in studios.  My second year of learning yoga I bought an annual pass for $1000.  One year I did teacher training for more than $2000.  

When I say I have spent tens of thousands of dollars to learn what I have learned, I am not exaggerating.

Has it been worth it?  That is like asking if it has been worth all that it has cost to raise my children. 

To both,  I give an unqualified YES!

Would you be willing to invest even a fraction of that in yourself?  What is peace and reaching higher happiness and potential worth to you in your life?  $5000?  $1000? $500? $100? $50? $5? 
I hope you feel like you are worth a million dollars! 

If you knew you would feel better, be stronger and more balanced, I am sure you would say yes.   
You are worth it!! 
This is your life. 
You deserve to be happy, calm and peaceful!

It is my intention to walk with anyone on this healing path that is ready to give some time and energy to help themselves. 

What options are available?

When I see websites like this one, I think the author is really too busy to care about me and my story.  I want you to know, I am a normal person living a normal life.  Maybe someday I will have so many people knocking at my door and sending emails, that I won't be able to keep up.  But that time is not now.  If HSP speaks to you; if something inside is a little excited; if you are ready to find more light and lightness in your day-to-day life,

Then it's time to respond!

Let me know how I can help.      Below are some options.


Online Courses and Workshops

Seldom does "one-size-fit-all" and that is true when it comes to resolving individual challenges. 

 There are a variety of practices I have used over the years to overcome my silent, secret suffering. 

Growth Space by Holding Space Practice is the home of a variety of courses.  Find one that fits you!

Local workshops and retreats

Frequent face-to-face classes and workshops happen in the
Kansas City area.

If you live locally or have travel plans in the mid-west, let's meet! 
email me:

I also organize retreats.  There is a special one planned in Copan, Honduras in January 2021.  

Join me for a life-shifting experiences!


The Holding Space Practice
for Silent, Secret Sufferers
is sold on Amazon.   

An optional (but helpful) companion workbook can also be purchased on Amazon.

If you are shy and just want to try to find answers without telling anyone (including me), this may be a good options for you. 

Have a question?  Keep it simple.
   Email me:

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