How to Begin your 28 day Yoga Start

Learn the Basics First

Before you start “day 1”  you need to learn the basics of what you will do daily for your first four weeks of yoga practice. (Links below.)

To follow the day-by-day prompts, start by deciding which day of the week you will designate as your “day off”.

The yogi you will follow took Sundays off.  To synch up, start YOUR  “day 1” two days before your first day off. (So,  if your day off is Sunday, start day 1 on Friday.)

If today is not day 1, copy and past this link into your calendar.  Click on it first thing in the morning of day 1.  After that an email will be in your inbox by 4 am each day.  Read your daily email  AFTER you do your practice.  Before reading, skip down to the comments and write “I did it” and any other description of your practice that you want to share.  Lastly, read the post and other comments and see how your practice was similar or different from others’.

In addition, you may want to create a personal yoga journal.  If you stick with this practice 6 days a week for 4 weeks, you will change so much, but you might not be able to remember what you felt like back on day one, two and three.  Tracking our progress encourages us on days that seem hard or like “this is not worth it”.


“Practice and all is coming.”  –Sri K. Pattabhi Jois

Private consult

If you are really serious about this, let me get to know your specific circumstances to customize your practice.  You will still use the free program, but I will give you additional custom guidance.  This is especially important if the basics are not in your range of motion yet, if you have special heath concerns or if you feel fearful or stressed about this.

One Free initial consult.  It is a good idea to talk to me at least once!

Intro price for new students $40 for 4 private video appointments.

(My regular price is $65 for private lessons plus travel expenses where applicable.)


The basics

There is a lot of information on the internet about yoga.

Here is one very basic explanation of Surya Namaskar A (Sunsalute A)

Once you have done five of these, continue with Surya Namaskar B.  It is almost the same as “A” with 3 small additions.  These additions level-up the intensity.



There are 4 steps to end your practice every day.  These are important! The last one is to “take rest”, meaning lay down comfortably.  It is something to look forward to each time your practice!

From yogapedia: The closing sequence of Ashtanga yoga is a series of restorative postures always performed in the same order as a way to finish the practice. The closing sequence is the same regardless of the level of difficulty of the main practice.

Kino video


On this page, you can find a video of me practicing.  It is called “Minimal Ashtanga Yoga Practice” where you will hear my voice step you through the practice.  You can watch it once, then give it a try yourself.   You will memorize the sequence sooner or later.  Use the video a few days if you need to.


What’s next?

Determine what day of the week you will have for your day off.  Two days before that day is when you want to begin your 28-day Yoga Start.  For example, of you want Sunday to be your day off you sign up on Friday, if Saturday is your day off, start on Thursday.  In the mean time, use the above resources to learn the short sequence you will do for 28 days.  Email Carol and make an appointment with her.  Put this page’s url in your calendar to remind you to begin your “day 1” next Thursday or Friday.  Then come here and fill out this form.

Ready… set….

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