Mid-Winter Healing Retreat

Hacienda San Lucas in Copan Ruinas, Honduras.

February 2019

Details of Honduras Healing Retreat with Carol

  Holding Space Yoga Healing Retreat

Hosted by Carol Webster

Author of The Holding Space Practice

Certified Ashtanga Yoga Teacher


February 14-22, 2019

Message from Carol

If you are reading this, it is because you are considering joining me in Honduras for a healing retreat.  You might be asking:

What is a healing retreat???

The most important part of this retreat is YOU!  For this retreat you, as a participant, take time to ask yourself "What do I REALLY want to do."

A healing retreat is not passive.  You should not simply "go along" with  what you think others expect of you, but rather you make mindful choices.

There will be many good options.

For our first day together, I will offer a Holding Space Practice workshop called "Seeds of Energy.  This will set a backdrop for our week and prepare your mind and heart for any and all healing you are meant to experience during your retreat.

I will be available for daily yoga teaching and will honor requests for more group or individual HSP work.  I will bring printables with a purpose and coloring supplies for those who prefer quiet, creative time.  Or better yet bring your own sketchbook, camera or writing notebook to create in the way that is most appealing to you!

Gaia is the name of the outdoor yoga shala and spiritual classroom at Hacienda San Lucas.  It is a place for quiet reflection, yoga asana practice and gentle group work.  It has an amazing view of the Copan River valley.  We will have a campfire at Gaia on our last evening together.

One day we will travel to Luna Jaguar Hot Springs where we will soak in the beautiful natural healing thermal waters that spring from the mountain side and fill the well-kept pools.  This day trip is included in the cost of the retreat.  It takes  about 45 minutes up a mountain road to get there.  We will pass through small villages and see coffee plantations along the route. Many different pools and bridges and gardens have been created, but not in an overly commercial way like we might expect in the United States.  Last year when we went, I only saw a handful of other people besides our group.  This place has a peaceful, calm, magical and healing atmosphere.

Another must-see (also included in the cost of the retreat) are the Mayan ruins. Yobani, a long-time resident archaeologist and guide at the Copan Ruinas Archealogical Park, will be our tour guide.  He will show us sacred places and tell us the stories behind them.  We will see ruins built on top of ruins, intricately carved estellas, enormous sacred trees, a Mayan Ball game court and so much more.  In the archaeological park, we will see the Honduran national bird, the Scarlet Macaws, both flying in the park and carved into the ancient stone motifs.

We will spend time serving the children and mothers of Casitas Copan-- Copan Ruina's version of an orphanage. I love that they not only take care of orphaned and abandoned children, but they focus on the root causes of child abandonment to help more families stay together.  Working with Casitas Copan is an opportunity for healing through service

Another optional attraction (not part of the cost of the retreat) is Macaw Mountain-- a bird reserve where you can see and hold beautiful, colorful birds that have been rescued and brought to Macaw Mountain for healing.  There is a zip-line canopy tour at Macaw Mountain that the more adventurous souls might enjoy.

A family-run business/organization, Tea and Chocolate Place, is a unique shop open only from 4-6 pm Mon-Sat.  There are many free samples of  teas, chocolates, sauces.  They sell art, lotions, natural remedies and various herbs and teas. The family that owns it has the admirable mission to help the environment through reforestation, conservation and education.  The proceeds from the shop goes toward these goals.  It is one of the most beautiful spots I have ever experienced.

Besides the food at our beloved Hacienda San Lucas (they are a famous for the food), there are many restaurants to explore.  You can see local farms where the food is grown and you can taste the difference in eating fresh ingredients!  Yum!  We will have breakfast everyday at HSL and 5 group dinners that are part of the retreat package.  This will give you freedom and time to explore some of the other restaurants.

Other examples of add-on options (not included in retreat price) are horseback riding, massages and additional archaeological areas.

Bird watching extraordinaire, garden walks, sunrise and sunsets may be the most healing parts of your retreat. Come with the intent to heal.  Listen to and honor your heart and this will be a healing experience for YOU that you will not find anywhere else in the world!

Cost per person for 9 day retreat:

(Ask about discount for longer stays)

Single Room - $1470

Double Room - $1250

Triple Room - $930

Quadruple Room - $840

*Cost includes lodging, all breakfasts, some dinners, shuttle to and from the airport, and group tours to the Mayan Ruins and Hot Springs.

Deposit to hold your spot - $300 non-refundable

50% paid by Oct 15, 2018

All monies are due by January 1, 2019

There are limited spaces available and registration will be open until those spaces are filled.

Flight Details:

You will fly in and out of SAP - San Pedro Sula airport in Honduras. Once we have all landed and arrived at the airport we will take a group shuttle to Copan Ruinas which is a 3-4 hour bus ride. The shuttle cost is included in your retreat cost. Flights are not included. Please choose a flight that lands at San Pedro Sula, no later than 2 pm on the first day of your retreat so that we can catch the shuttle in time.

In January 2018 I went to Honduras. I had no idea what a healing place this would be.  How can I not invite others to return with me?

Excerpts from my first blog post about this amazing place

Honduras: The Unexpected Dream

More than the amazing architecture I was taking in, I marveled at a small staff palpably excited to greet us at 10 pm.

There was a porch with hammocks, chairs and tables with fresh flower arrangements outside the three rooms of our area.

What struck me most were the lit candles on the porch and inside the room, plus the small flower arrangements in pottery vases.

I had just arrived, but I could not wait to return to this place.

The experience was not about what my eyes saw, it was what my heart felt.

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Q:What language do they speak in Honduras?

A: Spanish is spoken in this Central American country.  There are a lot of good English speakers at the the airport, Hacienda San Lucas and tourist sites.  Carol speaks Spanish fluently and will help out with any translation needs.

Q: What is the Honduran currency?

A: Lempiras

Q: What are the rooms like?  How many are there?

A: There are 8 rooms available, each has 2 double beds, private bath with hot water, solar lights, ceiling fans and AC.  There is an electric outlet (110v) in the bathroom to charge electronics.  Courtesy wifi is available throughout the lodge and grounds.  There are patios, hammocks and outdoor seating outside the rooms.  My favorite detail are the fresh flower arrangements in and near the rooms and the candles that are lit each night! Read this blog post for more details about HSL.

Q: What is transportation like?  How will I get around?

A:  The group will travel together in a chartered bus from the airport to Hacienda San Lucas (and back).  There is a full time professional driver (see this blog post) that will take us as requested and arranged.  Because there will be various request that may conflict, there is an inexpensive local "taxi" called tuk-tuks that is easy to find in town.  (see this blog post).  Often Cesar would drop us off at a location in town and we would catch a tuk-tuk back to HSL.

Q: Is the water safe to drink?

A: You should not drink water out of faucets, but there is plenty of bottled water at HSL.  Bring an empty water bottle to refill if you like.  When you are out and about have bottled water (or buy it in shops).  Quality restaurants will always serve bottled water and ice will be from filtered, safe water too.  

Q: Can I do yoga if I have never done it before?

A:  All are welcome to practice and learn yoga with me.  Bring a yoga mat.  It will be worth carrying it!   I will practice and teach in the mornings with the option of one evening, candlelight practice.  I encourage you to look at yoga resources here on my website.  If you are not interested at all in yoga, no problem.  You are welcome to find your own kind of healing practice.

Q: I don't have anyone to share a room with, can I share with someone else that is going?

A: If you would like to share a room with someone, please email me and let me know and we will do what we can to match you up.  Rooms have roll away beds available, so triple accommodations are very doable even with people you do not know yet.  

Q: How can I pay for the retreat?

A: At the bottom of this page is registration form that will give you all the information. 

Q: Are tips included or expected?

A:  A 10% tip is customary and widely acceptable not only in HSL, but in most of Honduras.  No tips are included in the price of the retreat.  The staff at HSL make a modest income for their long hours of work at HSL.  Sometimes their paychecks can take time to get to them.  Cash tips directly to them is best.  Pay attention during your stay to the service.  For the most part, you will see the same staff members each day.  They will treat you like royalty.  Plan to give them a sincere thank you and a generous tip by the last day of our stay.  Extra food, drinks and services like massages or extra excursions can be charged to your room and paid all at once at the end (with a credit card if you like), but the tips should be cash handed directly to the staff members.    

Q: Can I bring kids?

A: This is a healing retreat and is not appropriate for young children (so the parent can take a break!)  Families with older children (at least 10 years old) may choose to experience this retreat together.  Talk to Carol if you want to bring children so we can plan a retreat that can be enjoyed by all of your family.  

Q: I've heard Honduras is not safe, should I worry?

A: San Pedro Sula, the city we will fly to, does not have a very good track record.  I would not recommend wandering outside of the airport without previous and specific arrangements.  That said, our group will remain in the safe area of the airport until all arrive and then will go directly to the chartered bus that will take us to our retreat destination.   Personally, I felt safer in Copan Ruinas than about any place I have ever been inside of or outside of the USA.  

Q: Any suggestions on booking a flight?

A: You want to look for a flight that arrives in San Pedro Sula (SAP) by 2 PM on Feb 14, 2019. There are a variety of flights advertised online.  What you choose depends on what city you are flying from.

Q: What other questions do you have?

Get answers via email to Carol:




Go to this page to see videos and other information about our healing retreat.

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