Yoga and the Holding Space Practice

Both of these practices, when consistently practiced, lead to greater freedom.

  • Freedom to move
  • Freedom to feel calm even when things are not going your way
  • Freedom to develop healthy relationships
  • Freedom to be exactly who you are and LOVE it

When Yoga is life-changing:

I began yoga classes several years ago because I wanted… needed… a stronger more flexible body.  With consistent repetition of exercising my body, that has certainly been a fabulous benefit.  But as I continue to practice and study the fantastic benefits have multiplied and refined my mind, emotions and relationships in ways I did not anticipate.

Yoga has been a continuation of a healing journey for me.

In Hindu thought there are four stages in the human journey.  The first stage is the desire for pleasure, the second is the desire for success, the third is the desire for community, and the fourth is the desire for liberation.  This progression is at once linear and nonlinear, for while they correspond to the different moments in a human life span, the four stages are also occurring all at once in every moment of our lives.”

  - Rolf Gates, Meditations from the Mat

The Holding Space Practice:

For decades, I suffered silently.  On the outside I looked put-together and happy, but on the inside I felt dark pain that only dissipated for short stretches.  The few people in my closest circle that I shared my secret with had compassion, but they had few resources to help me make significant changes.

Gratefully, as I diligently sought inspiration, I was led from one answer to another and eventually wrote down the accumulated healing wisdom in a book I call The Holding Space Practice.  It contains the practical advice I wish someone could have given me as a teenager when I first began to struggle.  Life may have been lighter when I was a college student, missionary, college teacher, newlywed, and an exhausted mom.

In 2016, the year of my Yoga teacher training, I realized the same healing principles I had learned were taught in yoga literature.  It is my pleasure to help friends learn and apply both life-changing practices.

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