Coaching & Energy Work

    It was back with Dr. A about 17 years ago.  He explained to me that each person’s body “tells” them what they need.  If you obey your body’s instructions, it will lead to healing and balance.  The way he explained it to me made complete sense and left me with a big fat question:

    Q: How do I know what my body is saying to me???

    If you have been exposed to Eastern medicine, you may have heard about the “chakra system” or the “meridian system”. There are subtle energies in the body that are part of the human system that have been noticed, studied, documented mapped and shared cross-culturally for thousands of years.  These are patterns of body-communication that we all have but may not notice without someone teaching us how to pay attention to them.

    I have looked for ways to understand what my body is “saying” to me ever since Dr. A explained this idea to me.

    Eventually, I was led to an “energy worker” whose sessions taught me, experientially, how to “see” and “sense” into my physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies.  She also encouraged me to begin a study of yoga which has further honed my sensitivities to the subtle communication of my body.

    When I have shared what I have learned with others, they, like me, have been released from short and long-term pain and suffering of body, mind and spirit.  I have shared this knowledge through writing “The Holding Space Practice”, teaching ashtanga yoga, offering monthly group calls, and through private coaching and energy work sessions.  These take place in-person as well as over phone calls, emails and texts.

    Do you want to learn how to hear and honor what your body is telling you?

    I can teach seeking and open-minded people, like you, how to “hear” and “see” what your body is saying and give guidance to help your body get what it is asking for.

    Whenever I help someone through energy work, personal coaching and yoga, I hear them say I feel so much better.”   As you learn and apply these principles, your life will shift to a place of greater stability and peace.  You will still have challenges, but your ability to calmly and gracefully meet challenges will grow.

    If you are ready to shift, schedule an appointment with me.