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The mission of Holding Space Practice is to teach people life-changing principles and practices that transform emotional suffering into personal resiliency and empowerment.

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Module 6- Staying Power

May 24, 20231 min read

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"Staying power!"

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Module 6


This brief introduction to Module 6--Staying in the Space without Giving into Distraction--gives a taste of a practice that leads to a sense of freedom and power.

Staying in the space....What space?

There’s outer space and all the things that happen around and to us.  It can feel like we have no choice about the outward world.  In some ways that is true.

Then there is inner space—the world of thoughts and feelings.  It’s tempting to think we have no choice about our thoughts and feelings, but in reality, it’s the one thing we can absolutely choose IF we stay in that inner space with consistent awareness.

There is a part of us even deeper inside that is our “true” self. When we pay attention to that part of us we can choose our response to the outer world.

What we pay attention to is what we give our power to.  When we try to upgrade thinking habits and patterns, it can feel like a big tug-of-war, but stay with that inner awareness instead of giving in to distractions from your outer spaces.

Of course, we have to interact with the outer world. When it gets challenging or uncomfortable, THAT'S the time to give special attention to inner space.

Watch the video to integrate this idea more. There are quiet spots with questions where you may want to pause the video and write down your thoughts and feelings.

Thought questions:

What outer distractions do you give your power to by giving them undue attention?

What Being without Doing practices help you to find inner awareness?

What well-chosen distraction can you choose when you need a break?

Stay in space

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Carol Webster

Fascinated by how the mind learns and it's role in our quality of life, Carol has spent decades exploring how to create health, happiness, build emotional maturity and expand love. She is the founder of Principle Based Learning and Holding Space Practice.

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