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If you are new to yoga...specifically Ashtanga are some resources


Maybe we met at a class I was teaching, or maybe you just stumbled on this page. Either way, you are welcome to expand your knowledge of Ashtanga Yoga with me. There is so much to learn I will continue to be a student my whole life.  I'm glad to have you walk the path with me!

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My teacher and her teacher

Ashtanga Yoga is passed along from teacher to student.  There is a great respect for teachers in this tradition and the teachers honor and respects their students.  I am grateful for all the yoga teachers I have had.  My main Ashtanga teacher is Kim Johnson here pictured with her yoga teacher Tim Miller who teaches in California.  Kim has also studied with Rolf and Marcie Naujokat in Goa, India.

My teacher Kim Johnson with her teacher Tim Miller

Something Kim told me her teacher Rolf says: "Doing Ashtanga daily is the same as sweeping your house daily.  You'll know right away if an intruder (sickness) comes in."

If you are looking for ease, yoga is not the answer.  If you are looking for healing and wholeness, you have come to the right place.

Kim wrote: "Healing isn't soft and comforting.  Neither is unwinding."

But, I would add, there IS something comforting about being clean from the inside out. Think about a festering wound -- or worse, a wound where the skin has closed but the infection is under the skin.  It is true, healing isn't soft and comforting, but a festering wound is worse!


We have transitions every day.  Every hour.  Actually, every second.  An inhale transitions to an exhale.  We transition from asleep to awake in the morning and from awake to asleep every night.  We transition from hungry and empty to satisfied and full with meals. It is so common to transition that you’d think it would be easy.  But for many of us, transitions are hard all day every day.  “I can’t fall asleep.” “I can’t wake up.” “I don’t know what to eat.”  “I can’t stop eating.” And so on.

What is transition?

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