When you sign up for the 28 day Yoga Start, what happens next?



1  Learn the basics first

Learn a short and simple yoga practice.

After signing-up, you will receive simple written instructions for a short, beginner yoga practice. These will give you an overview of the basic movements and sequence you will be doing over the next 28 days.

Explore additional resources.

After you read through the basic instructions, you will be directed to use a few webpages with additional resources including videos to show you the practice in motion. 


2  Design a practice for YOU

Reach out to Carol.

Yoga meets you where you are. You don't have to be thin and flexible to practice yoga! It is a healing practice, not a fitness program. Carol offers you one free consult to discuss any personal variations and modifications you may need. If you see the video of the basic practice and think "no way," you especially need to contact her to talk about modifications for you. Ideally, you would meet in-person at one of her classes, even if you need no modification. If you don't live near Carol (Kansas City Metro Area), you are encouraged to meet on a video chat, a phone call, or at least an email before you start Day 1 of 28. She offers this introductory consult free of charge. Please take her up on it!

Set-up your calendar.

Yoga Start involves 6 days of practice and 1 day of rest every week. The basic instructions you receive when you sign-up will help you decide what day of the week is ideal for you to begin Day 1 of 28. You can take as many days as you need to study the preparation materials and try out the breathing and movements before you begin Day 1. 

3   Ready, Set, Go!

Begin Yoga Start

It’s now time to begin your daily yoga practice. Each day, after you practice, go to your daily Yoga Start email, enter the password provided, and report your success. You will get to read about other beginning yogis' experiences on their first, second, third ... days. You are encouraged to write "I did it" in the comments and any other description of your practice you would like to share. Only yogis who are part of the 28-day Yoga Start will read comments. 

It’s only the beginning...

After completing the 28-day Yoga Start, hopefully, you will have experienced some noticeable positive changes in how you feel in your body and perhaps even extending into your mental and spiritual well-being. At this point, you may be content simply maintaining the yoga practice you have been doing the past 4 weeks, or you may be ready to add to your practice and take it to the next level. Either way, it’s a great time to reconnect with Carol and decide “Where do I go from here?” You may decide to attend some of her classes with other yogis, receive one-on-one instruction, or check in periodically with additional consultations. The benefits of a daily yoga practice can be greatly enhanced by engaging in any (or all) of these options.

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    The character in the green circle is the Sanskrit symbol for “OM”.  It is the sound of creation.  You are about to create something that has not existed before by beginning a yoga practice.  Click on the om below to continue.